Important facts in a nutshell that MUST be adhered to

1. Please have 10 eur environmental flat rate per start ready on arrival! Dog handlers and family members are free.

2. You can earliest arrive at the Stake Out on Tuesday, 8.11.22 from 10.00. Before that, the terrain is taboo. Exception: Organization team.

3. A public training with max. 4 dogs is allowed on Tuesday, 08.11.22 and Wednesday 09.11.22 from 10.00-17.00, never earlier!

4. From Friday, 04.11.22 we will set up the tracks. Anyone who stays on the track from this day on will be sent home, because the public training on two days is enough for everyone. It also makes no sense beforehand, because the tracks can change until the team leader meeting. That’s why the team leaders don’t run the tracks until Wednesday.

5. No arrival before 08.11.2022! Wild camping is generally prohibited in Germany. We EXPECT everyone to abide by this prohibition out of consideration for residents and nature conservation. The public order office is strict and levies high fines for violation!

6. Vetcheck bookings DB1, DS1, CC, Combined: If you have not booked a vetcheck yet, you will be assigned a time and are responsible for compliance with it. One vet check per start, no matter how many dogs you bring. Which dog starts, will be determined by you during the vetcheck. A list with the booked times will be published in advance and also posted on the Vetzelt. Please have the completed examination form for the vet check ready (download homepage).

7. Vetcheck Teams: The times will be announced at the Teamleader meeting.

8. Start numbers: The start numbers include a microtransponder for timekeeping. Please do not bend, shorten, cut or remove material. Handle it carefully and keep it away from magnetic objects.

For canicrossers, we recommend taking a bib number band with them as in triathlons. The number is fastened with safety pins. Needles are included with the number. All other numbers are attached to the vehicle. Cable ties are included in the number.

9. Free-roaming dogs are not allowed on the entire grounds and in the forest and will result in immediate disqualification. Exception: At the stakeout within your fenced area.

Everything else is also on the homepage.

Trail Length and Temperature

Due to the current unseasonably high temperatures throughout Europe, we want to assure you that we are closely monitoring the development and if needed, we can adjust the trail lengths to the weather conditions and current training opportunities. A decision on this will be made and communicated at the first Team Leaders meeting in Leipa.

Rüdiger Bartel

IFSS- Continental director

Now it is official:

More than 740 starts in Leipa. That is great but also means some changes in the organisation.
We are supposed to split the musherdinner as follows:

  1. All monostarter with the first start on Thursday or Friday will have the dinner in the mushertent on Thursday. You can book some extra dinner for yours doghandler as well. You will get more detailed informations from your teamleader soon.
  2. All riggclasses from ds2 up to dr8, relays tarter and combined with the first start on Saturday will have the dinner in the mushertent on Saturday. You can book some extra dinner. More detailed informations follow soon.

All teammembers will hopefully be a part of the spectacular entry of the nations on Friday.

Combined Demonstration competition

As already announced, we offer a combined demonstration competition on Saturday after the regular races in the disciplines running approx. 2km and scooter driving approx. 4 km directly one after the other with a single dog in only 2 categories men and woman.
This competition is not part of the IFSS-ECH and IFSS Masters!

Entries (name, sex, nationality, dog name, chip number, date of birth of the dog) please send per mail to Latest date to join in is 26th October 2022 or when we reach the maximum numbers of 50 participants. Payment of eur 30 cash when picking up the startingnumbers on Friday between 8 to 9 pm in the VDSV tent.

The dogs also have to go to the vet-check and you have to book a checking time for monoclasses as well.

We are looking forward to an exciting competition.

The first numbers are in...

With much more participants than expected ( almost 800), we have reached a new dimension of an IFSS European Sled Dog Championship. Now, 4 weeks before the race we have to rethink and realise many things. One thing is for sure: You will all get your money’s worth!


The German Federation of Sleddog Sports VDSV e.V., his member SSV Sachsen and finally the Nature Park “Glücksburger Heide” is proud for the opportunity to host the most important IFSS dryland event in 2022 – the European Championships 2022!

With four days of racing competition in all dryland classes including the final relay we will present the event on a high level. Raise the level and give the sport we love the promotion and publicity it needs while at the same time not forgetting about the mushers and conditions for a good and fair competition!

Besides the fast trails and the wonderful nature that Leipa and the „Glücksburger Heide“ can provide, we present live video broadcast as well as live results and other highlights. 
Come on an visit the great sport live! 

Follow us on this site and in Facebook. 
We see us soon in Leipa. 

Your Organisationteam