Open on Wednesday 19th October, 8 pm

The online vetcheck booking tool is only for the monoclasses, the relay starter and the combined.
Please make one appointment per dog! If you book more than one per dog the system will delete all your appointments itself. After the successful booking you get an email with all details. If you don’t need the slot anymore (in case of no show) , please use the link in the email to delete the appointment so that the slot becomes  free again.
Last date for booking is 4th November 2022.

Bike and scooter will be checked in the prestartarea before your starting time, because of the number of participants we try to manage some extra checkingtimes on Tuedsday an Wednesday as well. Yours teamleader will inform you. 

The dogs and all stuff for the other classes from ds2 up to DS8 will be checked directly at the individual nations stakeoutarea.

Onlinebooking will end  at 4th of November 2022.