⇒ Reminder: Anti-Doping rules

We would like to remind all competitors of the IFSS Anti-Doping rules.

Please discontinue the use of any substances and methods that are listed “IN COMPETITION”. NEVER use any substances or methods as stated on the IFSS Prohibited list “IN AND OUT OF COMPETITION”. (see https://sleddogsport.net/eng/88 )

IFSS does not specify any clearance times and the allowed level of prohibited substances in the dog has to be zero. It is recommended to stop using any medication from now on, as traces could still be found in the urine even many weeks after regular prescribed and honest use.

If you use or need to use medication that has to be declared, please fill in the IFSS form: CONTROLLED MEDICATION FOR DOGS (see https://sleddogsport.net/eng/80 )

Also consider the use of food supplements! The supplement industry is highly unregulated and no guarantee can be given that products are free of doping relevant substances. Too many athletes have already been sanctioned due to unnecessary supplement use.

Anti-Doping rules: https://sleddogsport.net/eng/77

IFSS Race Rules (https://www.sleddogsport.net/library/)

Doping tests for drivers AND dogs can be carried out.

The following list of prohibited substances applies to athletes:• https://www.wada-ama.org/en/what-we-do/prohibited-list

The IFSS Prohibited Substances List for dogs and the IFSS Anti-Doping Rules and Regulations can be viewed here
• http://www.sleddogsport.net/library

Competitors must comply with applicable requirements under IFSS RR Chapter One VI.