Because of the mass of participants we need some time to reorganize the vet check. Please stay tuned, we will open it soon.

1. Monoclasses (European Championships and masters) plus 2-dog scooter

On Tuesday and Wednesday the vetcheck for above mentioned classes will take place in the VET-tent. We allow the reservation of appointments already in the forefront digitally via this page. The digital booking of appointments will open on 10.10.2022. We ask for timely booking of appointments and showing up on time. In case of missing the booked time a start cannot be guaranteed. Please book 1 (one) time slot per dog.

Please bring your vaccination certificate, racing harness, pulling leash and of course the dog(s). Please make sure that the equipment complies with the appropriate rules.

Bike and scooter will be checked at the pre-start area.

2. RIG-classes
On Thursday and Friday the vet check and the equipment check will take place at the Stake Out. As the Stake Out is divided by nations, each nation will receive a time slot when the check will take place. The team leaders have to make sure that all starters are on the stake out at the given time. The times will be announced at the Teamleader meeting and additionally posted at the Vet tent. For a quick handling please have the equipment, vaccination cards and dogs ready.

Please pay attention:

A start is only possible after prior successful vetcheck and material check.

In case of emergency
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